Correct blow holes, Seal porosities, Reduce scrap, Increase productivity

Post-treatment methods for foundries, the metalworking industry and the automotive sector.

Improve your processes by sealing your product with Dichtol sealers. For high temperature application, porosity problems, and casting defects us Diamant Polymers Inc. products for high performance, cost- effective solutions to your problems.

Products from DIAMANT POLYMERS INC are ideally suited to

  • metal impregnation, sealing of ultra-fine defects
  • surface corrections
  • fine and medium-size repairs
  • large repairs
  • capillary metal impregnation
  • protection against wear

Minimize costs, time and scrap – optimize processes and results

Our product solutions restore the function of the cast part and thus significantly reduce scrap. Polymer-bound products from the broadly diversified DIAMANT product range are easy to use and achieve considerable savings of costs and time in production. DIAMANT polymer systems for foundries impregnate cast parts in a capillary-active process, correct surface irregularities, close blow holes and repair small, medium-size, and large defects in the casting. Polymer-bound coating systems help to prevent thermal, abrasive, and chemical wear and thus significantly increase the service life and operational reliability of plants and machines.

Perfectly combined: product and service quality

DIAMANT POLYMERS INC combines worldwide tried-and-tested product quality with industry-leading service quality. Because universal solutions are not what is required in technical applications in the foundry sector, but rather pinpoint solutions and a non-compromising orientation to the specific needs of the user:

  • problem identification and development of solution concepts
  • mature, individually tunable product range with matching accessories
  • development and formulation of special recipes for special applications
  • detailed advice and additional training offers
  • if desired, application or application support by experienced DIAMANT experts (blow hole repair service)

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