Repair blow holes and surface defects: instantly done, controlled, quickly machinable

The versatile metal repair system for filling blow holes, hollow spaces, defects and machining errors in all cast-iron, steel, aluminum and metal alloys.

plasticmetal was specially developed for demanding industrial use and is thus highly resistant to physical, thermal and chemical influences. According to modern standards, plasticmetal reliably fills:

  • blow holes
  • hollow spaces
  • surface defects
  • correct bore diameter
  • mistakes in machining
  • worn points


  • cast aluminium
  • nodular cast iron
  • grey cast iron
  • ferro cast iron
  • cast iron
  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Copper



14 metal powders and 2 stadard hardeners:

freely combinable in a system



As a freely combinable repair system, plasticmetal from DIAMANT Metallplastic adapts itself perfectly to every specific requirement.

  • 14 metal powders and
  • 2 standard hardening liquids (other hardeners are available for specfic properties)

can be individually combined in the plasticmetal repair system and used for a specific application. The freely selectable mixing ratio allows variable viscosities from liquid to paste. Particularly practical and economical: Also ideal when very small amounts are required, because mixed material can be stored without problems and is instantly available for subsequent work. plasticmetal is available in the metal powder variants

  • Ferro
  • Ferro Superior light
  • Ferro Superior dark
  • Steel
  • Steel Superior
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium Superior
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Red brass
  • Iron oxide
  • Alloy
  • Model Ceram

Freely combinable with the hardening fluids

  • standard
  • HF fast – fast curing

Other specific Hardners

  • HF slow – slow curing
  • HF WF – increased resistance to heat
  • HF SF – increased blasting resistance
  • HF Thixo – increased stiffness

plasticmetal: convincing properties, decisive advantages

  • applicable directly at the place of work with no special knowledge
  • Easily applied
  • freely combinable metal powder/hardener system
  • freely definable mixing ratio for variable viscosity (liquid to paste)
  • simple mixing without scales
  • controlled curing
  • excellent metal finish
  • very good adhesion to all metals
  • high compressive and tensile strength
  • high resistance to abrasion and wear
  • resistant to constant temperatures up to 250 °C
  • resistant to chemicals
  • can be painted over