DIAMANT®: High Performance Products

As an internationally renowned provider of high-performance industrial products,  DIAMANT POLYMERS INC offers innovative and high-quality solutions for the toughest applications in the world. Foundry, thermal spray, metal parts, and construction products are world class and tested in the toughest of applications.

The main areas of application for DIAMANT® products include foundries, automotive, steel, bridge and mechanical engineering thermal spray sealers and marine industries, and can be processed quickly and accurately with the support of our application service.

Our products help to reduce the costs of castings, thermal spray coatings, and 3D printing applications by significantly reducing scrap and related costs with improved performance. Follow us into the future and discover systems that are ideal for sealing, 3D printing, foundry applications, and contruction projects.


We are manufacturer and provide the highest performing solutions based on proprietary polymers, which helps our customers outperform their competition.


For more than 130 years, DIAMANT is the internationally proven provider for innovative polymer systems, sealers, and coatings.

  • Competent advice
  • Customer specific product development
  • Available world-wide


Known for 130 years to produce the highest quality, best performance products in the world.

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World Class Solutions to solve the World’s Toughest Tests

  • Sealers for the toughest applications
  • Metal casting Repair kits for every Metal
  • Bridge Repair Materials
  • Car Body Materials

Diamant Polymers, Inc

  • World Class Sealers for all porosity problems
  • Cast metal parts
  • 3D printed parts
  • Thermal Spray sealants for extreme conditions
  • Dichtol Line of Products will do the job
  • Let us know your problems and we can assist you

World’s Best Casting Repair Kits

  • Kits for almost every metal
  • Material seals defects on the surface to allow machining to near perfect surface
  • Fixes Blowholes in any parts
  • Ability to adjust viscosity to fix any defect
  • High quality materials used for best results

Unique Construction Solutions

  • Repair bridge bearings superior to metal shims
  • Material to provide leveling of bridges, tanks, steel structures with superior characteristics
  • Extreme compressive Strength with very low shrinkage for lasting support and corrosive resistance
  • Can be used to level bridges, walkways, large storage tanks, railway bridges, and machine tools.